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April 22nd H3S Recharge Day: Investing in Hydrology's Future

As a student and early career run organization, we dedicate countless hours to supporting the hydrology community. To aid us in this mission, we are hosting our first Giving Day!

H3S Recharge Day: Investing in Hydrology's Future.

We have the goal of raising $20,000 to support the following initiatives:

What Your Funding Supports

April 22nd: H3S Giving Day

H3S Recharge Day: Investing in Hydrology's Future

Thanks to the generosity of the Agricultural Research Foundation (ARF) at Oregon State University, donations can be directly sent through the PayPal account linked below. If you would like to target your donations for a specific activity, please specify in the notes of your donation. H3S thanks you for your generosity. There is a 5% fee on donations of $300 or more.

Funding Progress:
Aerial View of a Mountain River

Thank you to our
Baseflow Contributors!

Jean Bahr

Michael Cardiff

Sarah Ledford

VA Water Resources Research Center

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