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Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Tags: Climate, Historical

Name: gridMET

Type: Gridded (netcdf)

Spatial Extent: CONUS

Time Period: 1979 – present

What is Included?: Latitude and longitude and many variables that include precipitation, ETo, and VPD.

Description: gridMET is a gridded climate dataset (netcdf format) that covers CONUS. The dataset consists of several primary variables (precipitation, solar radiation, VPD, etc.) with others (ETo, etc.) that are calculated from them. This dataset provides historical climate inputs for models and statistical anlyses, which are useful for a variety of fields of study.



Abatzoglou, J. T. (2013), Development of gridded surface meteorological data for ecological

applications and modelling. Int. J. Climatol., 33: 121–131.

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